Youth in the Community


Youth in the Community 12-16

Financial Awareness for Youth


Participants explore different ways to earn money and learn how to read a paystub. They also review the purposes of a bank account and strategies for choosing the best account for their banking needs. They learn about different banking transactions and online banking. Through group discussions, participants learn ways of budgeting their money and explore the relationship between education and earning potential.



Youth in the Community 17-25

Developing a Spending Plan and Using Credit


Participants explore the benefits of good money management and the consequences of poor management. They learn how to develop a spending plan with emphasis placed on identifying sources of income/expenses, setting financial goals, evaluating habits and understanding the differences between needs/wants. They learn about different options for saving money and the importance of reviewing their spending plan to ensure they are reaching their goals. Participants explore different ways of paying for post-secondary education and learn the basics of credit and debt.