Public Education:

Our public education presentations and course offerings provide the general public with a variety of financial literacy topics. Topics include: budgeting, managing credit/debt, teaching kids about money, retirement planning and fraud among others.

Financial Fitness Classes


With busy work schedules and a diversity of learning styles, we offer these topics in a variety of ways. Our 1-hour free in-person financial fitness classes are held once a month (except for July and August) at designated locations throughout Alberta. These presentations are facilitated by Money Mentors staff and allow for group discussion and engagement.



If you are unable to come out to a presentation, you can register for a free 1-hour live webinar and stay informed from the comfort of your home. Our webinar platform is easy to use, allows for participant engagement, downloading of handouts and an opportunity for questions at the end of the presentation.

Online Courses

online course

We also offer free online financial literacy courses ranging from 1-2 hours long. Our audio-based courses make it easy to follow along and remain engaged in learning. With check points throughout the course and a short multiple choice final exam at the end, it is a great way to test learning.