Cute pupils smiling at camera during class presentation at the elementary school

Our presentations for elementary school students provide an introduction to money management.  Students learn financial topics such as recognizing Canadian coins/bills and differentiating between needs/wants. Through hands on activities, poems and videos, they explore the concepts of earning, saving, spending and sharing money. They also learn about the history of money, payment options and the effects of advertising through classroom discussions and interactive games.

Junior High

Diverse Group of Students in Conference Room raising Arms up actively participating in Seminar Teachers Body on background

Our presentations for junior high students go deeper into the money management concepts introduced at the elementary level. Students determine wants/needs and learn how cost of living affects their spending decisions on a pre-set income.  Class discussions and board games are used to teach students the importance of saving money for the future and setting financial goals. Students identify and discuss different forms of credit and costs involved with borrowing.

High School


Our presentations for this age group focus on helping students develop budgeting skills and create realistic spending plans.  Students participate in a single player educational game to learn the importance of making sound financial decisions. Through interactive presentations, students explore different types of credit, uses of credit and methods of building/maintaining good credit. Students are provided with the knowledge to manage their finances and make good financial decisions. Students explore various options for funding post-secondary education.