Money Mentors financial literacy initiative is to educate youth at an early age so they will become financially responsible adults. Our goal is to empower the younger generation by providing them with good money management skills for a bright financial future. 

Our main objective is to provide financial literacy to all grade levels in schools, and youth in the community throughout Alberta.

Our approach is to integrate age appropriate money management topics like spending plans, savings, credit with fun activities, and games ensuring students are engaged. With every subsequent grade level, we build on new money management topics, keeping students continually interested while learning the fundamentals of personal finance.


High School

We currently provide a presentation on “Budgeting and the Wise Use of Credit” to high school students in Alberta as part of the Career and Life Management (CALM) class. This free presentation covers budgeting, savings and credit basics for topics that relate to high school students.


The Math 20-3 presentation is delivered in two separate classes. These one hour activity based classes are rooted in problem solving. The “Spending Plans for High School Students” presentation incorporates mathematical and behavioural basics of budgeting applied to real-world examples and life after high school.


The “Understanding and Managing Credit and Debt” presentation incorporates basic types of credit, obtaining and maintaining credit, and the fundamentals of credit scores and bankruptcy. Students tackle interest rate calculations and address behavioral strategies to avoid bad debt.

Grade 7

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The Grade 7 presentation is highly interactive and includes two activities as well as an exciting video. This presentation serves as an introduction to the concept of budgeting with a strong emphasis placed on differentiating between needs and wants.


Having students understand the difference between needs and wants, while planning your spending around this idea, is an important step to having a good financial future. Working in small groups, students examine average cost for many basic household expenses (ex. rent, groceries, medication, etc.).

Knowing how much these things cost helps students gain a stronger understanding for the amount of money it cost to cover basic living expenses for someone living away from home. Students explore the earning potential associated with different career paths.


By participating in an activity, rooted in the Grade 7 math curriculum, students develop an appreciation for how individual’s spending plan is affected by varying levels of income. We close the presentation by providing the students with some tips to spend their money wisely.

Grade 4

The Grade 4 Reads program allows us to introduce financial literacy to a younger audience. This presentation is a fun-filled 45-minute class beginning with a reading of “Rock, Brock, and the Savings Shock” by Sheila Bair.


The reading is followed by an interactive craft-based activity and discussion focused on personal saving goals. In addition to the reading, we give the grade 4’s an interactive piggy bank to take home to start building and saving for their future. Money Mentors also donates a book to the school library for future use by all students and teachers.

Youth in the Community

Using Money Wisely” is a presentation targeted to youth in the community.  This presentation uses interactive group activities as well as short videos to cover concepts such as: goal setting, differentiating between needs and wants, the basics of budgeting, as well as the true cost of credit and debt in relatable terms for youth.


Money Mentors wants to ensure that Alberta’s children and youth receive credible and impartial financial education on budgeting, savings, and credit to raise fiscally responsible adults.


Youth Presenters

Money Mentors’ approach to teaching financial literacy to young people is to have them learn from their peers. Our youth presenters are post-secondary students who can relate to the financial challenges facing their audiences. Youth presenters enter classrooms to present money management topics in a fun and interactive way. They engage young people and get them thinking and talking about money management at an age where financial decisions start to come into focus.

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